What’s In the Acura RDX’s Technology Package

acura rdx technology package dashboard

The RDX’s “Technology Package” is one of the many new iterations offered by Acura for the RDX. Generally, the RDX is already outfitted with a lot of features that can give it a technological edge, but the Technology Package was developed for people who enjoy having brand new tech at their fingertips. So what exactly does the Technology Package contain?


The RDX Technology Package comes with a lot new and interesting bundled features that techies and gadgeteers alike would enjoy. Acura’s navigation system gets an upgrade and the new navigation system gives a lot more information regarding your current position. Navigational traffic is gauged and it can easily choose the best route for you using real-time traffic updates to plot for efficiency. Additionally, you get Zagat restaurant reviews to go along with your navigation, for the gourmet eaters among us to experience new tastes in new places.


Technology packages are known for their dedication to the musically inclined and this RDX package is no stranger to this. Sporting a 10-speaker ELS sound system (with built in voice commands), the Technology Package also has a front end that can play DVD videos and audio as well as new formats such as AAC and MP3 files seamlessly. There is also a handy port for plugging in your iPod for those of us who prefer an Apple player.

Clearly, the Technology Package caters to those among us who are inclined to feel a need for great gadgets that can ease our commute and great music that can make the hours pass by faster. The bigger picture is that the RDX is already an amazing vehicle, and this Technology Package just makes it so much more usable for a techie. If you’re someone who appreciates new technology and new gadgets or just enjoys a great sound system, you should be looking at the Technology Package. Beautiful, functional and just the right amount of experimental makes this into a package that even the most hardcore geek will love.