The TLX Reviews Are In


There are a lot of reviews of the new 2015 Acura TLX surfacing around the web, and reviewers agree that Acura’s newest entry to the luxury sedan line is a solid competitor. Praising everything from the feel of driving and enhanced safety features to the comfortable and roomy interior bursting with tech upgrades, many drivers are looking at the TLX as a top competitor for 2015’s luxury sedan championship.

Car and Driver had this to say about the TLX’s driving feel: “Cycle the Integrated Dynamics System (IDS) button on the center console to its Sport or Sport+ settings, and the car’s inner first-gen TSX comes out—it positively begs to be ridden hard and put away wet. The electric power steering weights up, P-AWS works harder to swing the front-drive TLX’s tail through corners, and the throttle response is much spicier. In SH-AWD models, which lack P-AWS for obvious reasons, Acura’s magical torque-vectoring rear differential shuffles power to the outside rear wheel more aggressively to quell understeer. Sport+ ups the ante with a unique and track-worthy shift logic; regardless of transmission, gears are held until redline, upshifts are cracked off with surprising firmness, and the transmission’s brain telepathically delivers perfectly rev-matched downshifts. The dual-clutch’s shifts are quicker, but the nine-speed reminds us of the excellent eight-cog ZF 8HP that sees duty in many of this car’s competitors, so it’s no slouch.”

Extreme Tech also seemed to love the safety and driver assist features present on the new model: “The 2015 Acura TLX is the most competent compact sports sedan to come out of Japan and the one most likely to be a threat to the reigning BMW 3 Series, our current Editors’ Choice for a compact sports sedan. The Acura TLX is cat quick, quiet, and chock full of driver assists to protect dumb pedestrians and its own momentarily inattentive drivers.”

Motor Trend gushed about the TLX’s interior in a recent review: “The 2015 TLX will make available Milano leather, a new Road Departure Mitigation system that can actively help the car stay in its lane, adaptive cruise control, heated/cooled front seats, a Collision Mitigation Braking System and, something many current Acura drivers may not be familiar with: quiet. Engineers reduced open air paths in the 2015 TLX by 50 percent, and the car is the first Acura to have acoustic spray foam. Triple door seals, Active Noise Control, and an acoustic glass windshield might help the TLX meet the ‘vault-like’ quietness we’ve been told is part of the package.”