The TLX Keeps You Connected


The new 2015 Acura TLX contains cool connectivity highlights that make it easy to use your phone lawfully on any drive. Two of them are USB IPod Integration and the SMS/Email/Siri Eyes free feature.

SMS/Email/Siri Eyes Free

Compatible with Blackberry’s, Androids, and iPhones, this feature will allow you to stay connected to everyone safely during your drive. If you get a text message, for example, you’ll easily see it right there on the large display. There will be a set of six pre-set messages (like “Okay” or “On my way”), so it’s super easy to respond. Siri will also have your back as usual, giving you email info, weather, or whatever else you spontaneously need.

USB IPod Integration

Audio features on your phone that you still want to operate (like your favorite playlists) are easy and safe to control as well in the new Acura TLX. You can control the songs you want to hear from the steering wheel, and all of your most loved tracks or info from any of your folders will show right there clearly on the huge middle dashboard display.

Take a look at this video for more details on the new Acura’s connectivity features, and visit Acura Carland in Rosland, GA to test them out for yourself!