TLX: Keeping You Safe in Atlanta


There are many new ways that the Acura TLX safety features will give you peace of mind as you cruise up and down the fun streets of Atlanta. Here are a few that will make you feel secure in your new car.

The Lane Keeping Assistance System

In a busy city like Atlanta, using cruise control is not something that’s habitual among drivers…until now! The TLX has an adaptive system that lets you set a low speed and keep just the gap you want when there’s a little traffic. There’s also the FCW (Forward Collision Warning) system that lets you know when you’re getting too close to another car, a blind spot info feature that assists with things like lane changes, and bumper-helpful parking sensors.

Airbags, Seat Belts, and Child Safety Features

TLX safety features just keep getting better, starting with the six airbags that run throughout the carriage. There are 2 in the front, 2 front side ones, and 2 more to protect you and your family in the unfortunate event of an accident (the crash test results will be coming back soon). Tension sensitive seatbelts distribute pressure as it’s needed, and you can also place child safety seats in any backseat spot. The Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children (LATCH) feature is located in the middle position as well as at both back door seating positions.

The Safe Braking System

This is one of the most loved features of them all. Simply put, the chance of you having a rear end (or any collision for that matter) is cut down drastically due to the Collision Mitigation Braking (CMBS) System. If you’re going to hit a something, The TLX safety feature first tugs your seatbelt, and if you get closer to the object it’ll start braking for you.

For more detailed info you can check out this video, then visit Carland in Roswell, GA to experience the new Acura TLX and all of its wonderful safety elements.

In addition to the Acura TLX safety features mentioned above you can check out more on this video. The crash test results will be coming out soon!