One TLX, Four Driving Modes

tlx driving modes

Replacing the previous TL and TSX models, the Acura TLX is now here, ready for 2015. The TLX driving modes are some of the features that really stand out in this exciting new ride. With 4 distinct faces (Econ, Normal, Sport, and Sport Plus), you’ll be able to change your new Acura’s “personality” easily and instantaneously.

Normal Mode

The first of the TLX driving modes is the normal one. When you’re on a ride and don’t click into any of the other three, this is the one that acts as the default mode. Normal mode with the new Acura TLX is the vehicle cruising along right in the middle of its comfort and sport modes. With the smooth ride this car offers, you’ll notice that normal mode plays the middle of those two modes fluidly.

Sport Mode

Whenever you’re feeling a little sporty, you can always just switch to that exact mode during your ride! It’ll give the slick-looking new TLX that stiff feeling that you’ll enjoy in this setting, and you can really feel the road right under you. Your revs will be higher and the entire body of the car won’t roll as easily, giving you the sensation of even greater control.

Sport Plus Mode

If you are in even more of a perilous mood on any particular day, go ahead and switch into the sport plus mode! This mode is known for unfastening a lot of the adhesion and immovability in vehicles, and will definitely be one of your favorite of the TLX driving modes.

Econ Mode

This is your new Acura’s mode that will save you a ton of gas money. Not only will this be true with your engine and transmission functions, but your climate control is also adjusted to help you save gas. This mode will considerably reduce your stops to fill up on long or short distance trips.

Visit Acura Carland in Roswell, GA for the new Acura TLX, one of the most anticipated new rides for 2015. You’ll be enjoying each of its wonderful driving modes for yourself very soon!