Inside The Acura RDX’s Five Star Safety Rating


Acura has long been famous for producing safe cars. The RDX is no exception to this rule, garnering a five-star safety rating on tests. What makes Acura’s vehicles safe is a combination of safety features and good construction. In all the tests performed by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the RDX performed consistently well, getting good ratings on all of the required tests. What makes Acura’s RDX so safe? Let’s examine the features that make this car one that stands up to scrutiny in the field of safety.

Air Bags

For any car that has crash protection, the most major of injury prevention features available are air bags. In the RDX, frontal air bags are available for both the driver and the front passenger. Curtain air bags are also available for the driver, front passenger and rear seat occupants. The driver and front passenger also have the benefit of well-placed torso and pelvis air bags to prevent lower body contact with the car. Additionally, the air bags are positioned so as not to cause injury on deployment, increasing the overall safety of the vehicle.

Seat Belts

Belts are available for all passengers, both front and rear occupants. The seat belts are standard and the driver and front passenger get the benefit of having adjustable upper belt anchorage. There is a seat belt reminder system in place that allows for the car to inform the driver or passengers that their seat belts are not properly fastened.

Additional Safety Features

The built-in rollover sensor system is designed to deploy the curtain air bags in the event of a pending rollover of the vehicle. The vehicle also comes equipped with Anti lock brakes, daylight running lights and electronic stability control, allowing for increased levels of safety while in activity.

Overall, when we take a look at the Acura RDX, one thing stands out: the lengths to which safety has been put into the design of this vehicle. There is safety in almost every aspect of the car’s design. Acura has gone to great lengths to make the RDX one of the safest vehicles on the road today.