What Comes In The Acura TLX Technology Package?


In the twenty first century, we have come to expect a lot from our technological advances and there is no better example of what these can do than the Acura TLX Technology Package. Available with both the stock 2.4 8-DCT engine and the 3.5 V-6 engine models, the Acura TLX technology package brings all the great technological advancements that you could come to expect from Acura in a well-developed, perfectly balanced collection.

GPS Linked Climate Control

The GPS system accurately tells you and the car where you are while you’re traveling. As a result of the outside temperature and other environmental factors, the car automatically adjusts the internal temperature to be more comfortable. In a world where automation is innovation, Acura has taken this to the obvious next step by making it able to sense what temperature would be best for you, and making sure it stays that way, for your comfort.

Navigation System and Traffic Updates

Acura’s proprietary navigation and Real Traffic system allows you to traverse the country without having to worry about getting stuck in a traffic jam. The vibrant color display makes it easy to see the route that the navigation system has selected and because of the Real Traffic updates, it can easily calculate routes around the snarls of traffic blocking your way. Th turn-by-turn guidance system is a plus for a car that already has a very well planned out contingency system in case of emergency pileups.

Audio Excellence

Audiophiles should be excited at Acura’s technology package. It incorporates the Acura/ELS Studio Premium Audio System along with a built-in hard disk drive (to keep your favorite songs right in the car) and 10 speakers to immerse you in sound. Add to this Song by Voice and HD Radio and you have an unbeatable combination that many regular folks would simply melt in, not to mention those people who hold their audio to a much higher standard.

Safety and Driver Assist Technology

Accidents aren’t just dangerous, they’re a hassle. Acura’s forward collision warning system along with the lane keeping assist system and lane departure warning make for a very good combination to avoid inadvertently switching lanes into an angry driver that could lead to serious damage. The blind spot information system and the rear cross traffic monitor all help to make the Acura much safer overall.

As can be seen, Acura has put a lot of effort into getting the features for the Acura TLX technology package just right. They have included all the things a techie would want in a car, and left out all the things that are just fancy window dressing. If you’re in Roswell, GA you can check out Acura Carland to take a look at the latest offerings from Acura, including the technology package.