What Comes In The Acura TLX Advance Package?


The Acura TLX Advance Package upgrades the Acura from a car of substance to a car of class. The Acura TLX Advance Package adds features to the stock Acura to make it safer, more responsive and overall a much more luxurious vehicle. Not that the Acura TLX isn’t luxurious as it is in its standard iteration, but this makes the Acura TLX into something that will leave you speechless. Acura has included all the best enhancements in their lineup and thrown it together with the 3.5L V-6 engine to make a truly amazing machine. Here’s a few of the goodies Acura included in their advance package.

Exterior Features

A car that is smart is one that you’d be likely to keep around for a long time. The advance package comes with welcome puddle lights standard, making you feel as though your car is just waiting to welcome you into the driver’s seat. The Acura’s already brilliant look is complimented further with the addition of 18-inch machine-finished aluminum alloy wheels. These additions make for a striking contrast to the base trim of this vehicle.

Interior Features

Acura’s innovative new climate control system automatically detects your position via GPS and checks the climate information for the area. It then automatically adjusts the internal temperature to make it as comfortable for you as possible. The heated and ventilated front seats also add to the level of comfort you can expect from an Acura TLX that has the advanced package installed.

Media and Connectivity

The Advanced package comes with the awesome media system that is present in the technology package. This system makes it easy for audiophiles to fall in love with the car, giving them easy access to their music via the built in hard drive and full immersion because of the ten-speaker system. The remote start function with engine feedback system is unique to the advanced package, however. This system allows for remote starting of the car with information delivered to the user after the initial start.

Driver Convenience

Adaptive cruise control with built-in low speed follow options makes for a much more comfortable driving experience. For those that enjoy having full sense of their surroundings, the front and rear parking sensors do a good job of keeping you abreast of what’s going on around your car while you park. Auto dimming side mirrors make it easy to get a good view of your surroundings whether parking or driving.

Safety and Driver Assist Technology

The front seatbelt e-pretensioner system allows the vehicle to adapt in the case of an accident to lower the chance of severe whiplash. The collision mitigation braking system has a heads-up warning that can alert you to a collision before it takes place. The road departure mitigation system helps to make sure you stay on the road at all times.

Taking into account the Acura TLX‘s added features in the advanced package, you can see why it’s worth buying it. With all the odds and ends that add up to make a beautiful car, these optional additions make it more than just a vehicle. Acura lives up to its name for excellence and if you’re around Roswell, GA, check out Acura Carland to see what’s the latest that Acura has to offer to you.