Acura TLX Powertrain Options

2015 Acura TLX 4-cylinder

The two 2015 Acura TLX powertrain options include the 2.4L four cylinder engine, and the 3.5L V6. There are advantages to each type of engine, and different drivers will prefer the experience of driving one or the other, so read on to learn a few of the major differences between these two choices.

Mechanical Specifications

The four cylinder variant features a manual, 8-speed transmission, while the V6 offers a shiftable automatic 9-speed transmission. Both types of models are front-wheel drive by default, though four-wheel drive models are available for the V6 engine. The four-cylinder TLX has an average MPG (miles per gallon) of 24 city, 35 highway, while the V6 averages at 21 city, 34 highway. The four-cylinder is recommended to operate with premium unleaded fuel, while on the V6 it is listed as a requirement. Estimated monthly fuel costs for the four cylinder are $187 USD, while on the V6 they are $210 USD.

The four cylinder TLX operates at 206 horsepower at 6800 RPM, while the V6 operates at 290 horsepower at 6200 RPM. This translates to a significant performance boost for the V6, though clearly the four cylinder is no slouch. In terms of exterior features, the only difference between the two models is in tire size – the four cylinder TLX features 225/55R17 tires, while the V6 TLX uses 225/50R18 tires. There is no difference, by default, between the interiors of either model. Both powertrains also feature the same warranty: a basic warranty for four years or fifty thousand miles, and a drivetrain warranty of six years or seventy thousand miles.

The Bottom Line

If you’re still having trouble deciding which model is right for you, the question likely comes down to a balance between cost, performance, and driving style. Given the slight increase in cost for a month’s operation in terms of fuel and maintenance (V6 engine tend to be slightly more expensive to maintain), overall the V6 variant will cost about five thousand USD more up front and about twenty-five to fifty dollars more a month to maintain, in exchange for enhanced performance and power.