Acura TLX: One Smooth Body


The entire body of the 2015 Acura TLX is spectacular. Below are some of the most loved features about it.

The Aerodynamic, Lightweight Body

One of the first things you’ll notice is the lovely formed hood of the Acura TLX. The way it’s cut helps with the aerodynamics of the vehicle, along with the fact that the entire car is so minimal in mass. It’s low to the ground, has a broad carriage, and possesses the type of measurements that are perfect for a newer model sports sedan. Other features in the body that stand out are the cleaner-cut back wheel curvature and a 3-piece steering hanger beam that substitutes the old TL’s style.

The TLX’s Lighting

The special Jewel Eye headlight feature will be to your benefit on those back country roads where there are no streetlights or other types of illumination around. The cool thing about these lights is that they actually adjust to human eyes. Our eyes have what is called a radiance curve, and during a drive down a dark road these lights actually give us better natural vision. The white road lines (and things with other colors that our pupils see quickly) are super-visible with this great feature.

Cargo and Other Cool and Other Cool Features

Fans of the Acura TLX like the flip-flop features that the cargo area conveys, one of them being the ability to switch from carpet to plastic in a few seconds. This will come in handy when there is anything damp or dirty that you have to transport, in that you won’t have to spend hours scrubbing the trunk’s carpet afterwards! There are also two more storage compartments that are underneath the floor for things like groceries or clothes, so you never run out of room easily. Other features that people love about this new Acura are the noise mitigation system as well as sound acoustic glass windows.

Acura Carland in Roswell, GA has you covered for the new 2015 Acura TLX. You’ll love the features above much more when you experience them in person!