Acura RDX vs MDX: What Are the Differences?

rdx and mdxAcura has long been a name that drivers can trust for their dedication to safety and their affordable nature. With the new releases on the market of Acura Vehicles, two of the front runners stand out as true competitors in the field: The RDX and The MDX. These two amazing vehicles have managed to make a well-deserved name for themselves and reviews of both are positive. Both these remarkable vehicles have been touted by Acura dealers around the country since the lines were released. They seem to be well built and both maintain Acura’s reputation for safe vehicles. But which one of them is truly better? Here we seek to answer that question.


The MDX is a large vehicle, of that there is no doubt, and it surpasses the RDX in the size category. The increased size gives benefits to its carrying capacity. The MDX can safely seat up to seven people whereas the RDX has a maximum seating capacity of five people. In many cases, larger is better and depending on the amount of people you’ll be carrying, the extra size does tend to come in handy. In some cases, more is better and this is one of those cases. The smaller size of the RDX makes it a much better car for moving around in tight spaces than the MDX.


The RDX is the less expensive of the two vehicles with an estimated retail value starting at $38,880. The MDX, by comparison, clocks in at $55,340 as a starting price, making it more expensive. However, the costs should be considered based on what you get for that price. The RDX is clearly expensive in its class. The MDX, by comparison, costs more, but comes with far more features and usability. The sheer amount of features that the MDX carries in comparison to the RDX clearly justifies the price difference.

Overall, the RDX is cheaper than the MDX. The RDX is smaller and has less cargo and passenger space than the MDX, but that also makes the RDX a more maneuverable vehicle. Given a choice between the two, the RDX is by far the better buy, since it gives you far better value for money. The RDX has its benefits over the MDX, and despite the hefty price tag, it does what it does with a minimum of fuss. If you’re looking for a dependable mid-range vehicle, the RDX will suit your needs just fine.