Acura MDX: Easy Third Row Access


When manufacturers were designing family vehicles, it was an inspired move to develop the Acura MDX third row. That might seem like a bit of an exaggeration, but if you have a large enough family, the third row comes as one of the best things any car designer has ever built specifically for you. With the added third row, the Acura MDX has shown that it can be taken seriously as a mid-sized family vehicle. Why is the MDX so good at being a family car? Let’s take a look at the features that distances it from its competitors.

Easy Access to the Third Row

There have been attempts in the past to make viable third-row cars, but they managed to forget one basic principle of car design: Keep it simple. Trying to get access to the third row in any of these vehicles requires a lot of effort and some technological know-how. Definitely out of the reach of the average five-year-old. Acura’s MDX, however comes with a handy touch-button system that allows easy and quick access to the third row. Easy enough for any kid who knows how to press a button to use. That means you won’t have to get out of the driver’s seat to let kids out from in the back row ever again.

No matter what manufacturers have come up with in the past, keeping it simple is probably the best motto for anyone involved in designing a car to be used by parents carrying a possible multitude of kids. Kids love things that are easy to operate. Parents love things that are easy to operate. Is it any wonder why so many parents have decided to take the Acura MDX as their ride of choice? Acura Carland in Roswell GA knows that parents prefer the Acura MDX and if you live in the area you can check them out for one of your own!