What’s In the Acura RDX’s Technology Package

acura rdx technology package dashboard
The RDX's "Technology Package" is one of the many new iterations offered by Acura for the RDX. Generally, the RDX is already outfitted with a lot of features that can give it a technological edge, but the Technology Package was developed for people who enjoy having brand new tech at... [read more]

Inside The Acura RDX’s Five Star Safety Rating

Acura has long been famous for producing safe cars. The RDX is no exception to this rule, garnering a five-star safety rating on tests. What makes Acura's vehicles safe is a combination of safety features and good construction. In all the tests performed by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety,... [read more]

Acura RDX vs MDX: What Are the Differences?

Acura has long been a name that drivers can trust for their dedication to safety and their affordable nature. With the new releases on the market of Acura Vehicles, two of the front runners stand out as true competitors in the field: The RDX and The MDX. These two amazing... [read more]

Why Get An Acura MDX SH-AWD In Atlanta?

The Acura MDX is a beautiful culmination of automotive evolution. This amazing vehicle handles like a dream and has economy figures that other vehicles in its size class can only dream about. In Atlanta, it's likely you'll find yourself in a variety of situations, ranging from slow-moving traffic to off-road... [read more]

Acura RDX: Best In Class MPG

The Acura RDX is a vehicle that is known for its good gas mileage, despite the fact that it runs on a stock 3.5L V-6 engine. Generally, a V-6 is a recipe for disaster when it comes to fuel economy, but strangely enough that's not the case here. The RDX... [read more]